It is constructed as a linear combination of natural wet bulb temperature (Tw), black globe temperature (Tg) and dry bulb temperature (Ta): WBGT=0.7Tw+0.2Tg+0.1Ta [2]. Several models exist for estimating WBGT from meteorological data among which the model developed by Liljegren is recommended [3].
What is the weather like today? Сухо/мокро/жарко. dry/wet/hot. Прогноз погоды. Сегодня температура ниже, чем вчера. Today the temperature is lower than yesterday. In summer the temperature rises to 30 degrees in the shade. Rainy weather — Дождливая погода.
Calculating Relative Humidity with Dew Point and Temperature 1 Convert the air temperature and dew-point temperature to Celsius. To convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, subtract 32 from the Fahrenheit temperature. Then divide this number by the fraction 5/9. The formula should look like this: [2] = Celsius temperature, = Fahrenheit temperature,
A wet bulb temperature of 32-degree Celsius is usually the maximum that a human body can endure and carry out normal outdoor activities in. This is equivalent to a dry temperature of 55-degree ...